Our family’s company was founded in 1976 by Thomas “Mr. Fitz” Fitzsimmons, an in-flight food service pioneer and a former fortune 500 executive with a focused background in airline catering. After gaining extensive experience in this very up-and-coming foodservice lane, Tom turned his sights toward the vision he had of starting his own business and in turn pursued the business connections he had developed over his years within the aviation industry. From 1976 through the late 1980’s the company was focused exclusively on the in-flight business. Mr. Fitz began servicing all of the major  domestic Airline caterers as well as more than 50 international Airline carriers on a direct basis by supplying them with a vast assortment of goods that ranged from a variety of beverages and snacks to complete frozen meals which eventually became a complete and full range of wholesale food ingredients such as canned goods, fresh produce, and dairy products all of which remained devoted solely to the supply of this very unique and niche business space.

Around the time of 1990 Tom’s son Robert “Bobby” Fitzsimmons began to take on more and more of a leadership role within the company and began to put his energies into diversifying the customer base over the past 30 years which has now become largely refocused on the fast-casual restaurant space. Food Authority has grown its product line to now include over 6000 fresh, dry & frozen proprietary items and proudly service their customers in 15 States. The company operates a large and modern fleet of temperature-controlled trucks 7 days a week from multiple distribution centers located within NY, MD, and MA.

Food Authority has a management staff filled with an ambitious team of go-getters who have based their success in understanding how to get the job done and have built a reputation as a nimble company that knows not only how to address their customers’ needs but most importantly, how to execute and satisfy those needs. Food Authority has continued to set its sights on food safety with this having become a foundational standard within the company’s culture as well as continuing to invest heavily in their IT systems and custom software solutions which are developed to their customer’s specific needs. Through this service-driven model Food Authority has become a major distribution partner to several of our country’s best known and most well-respected brands within the fast-casual space.

Food Authority remains focused on growth while never compromising the service level that has allowed them to evolve into the company that they have become today.

We thank our valued clients and all our treasured team members for the opportunity to allow us to work hard on our mission to evolve into a better and brighter company with each and every passing year!